9/11 Knife Silent Auction

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Bidding has closed for this auction. Our winning bid was $11,000. Thank you to all who took part in this event!

Welcome to the 9/11 knife silent auction.

A beautiful handcrafted knife created by the “Godfather” of knives, Mick Strider .

Only six knives were produced.

~ Four are with NYPD officers in their personal collection.

~One is in the NYPD Emergency Services Museum.

~The last and only one to be available to the general public is in our hands.

The proceeds of the 9/11 knife silent auction will benefit the “23 Remembered” project which is currently underway.

The remaining funds will be donated to both The Brothers Before Others National Fallen Officers Flower Fund and The NYC PBA Widows & Orphans Fund.

This is a silent auction. The bid will begin at $3,000.00 with a set reserve that must be met . We will announce when the reserve is met. The knife is unavailable until the reserve is met.

To put this in perspective, previous limited edition Mick Strider knives have sold for over $7,000.00.

This knife contains WTC steel and the provenance of both the recovering officer and Mick himself.

Once a day, at 1500hrs EST, we will announce the current leading bid on our public FB page, https://www.facebook.com/bbopublic/ . Please check daily for the updated bid amount.

Bidding must be in a minimum of $100 increments, again, starting at the price of $3,000.00 . This auction, endorsed by the NYCPBA, will end on September 9th, at 2000hrs EST.

Thank you for your time and good luck bidding.

Michael J Burke President/Founder Brothers Before Others Inc

Brothers Before Others is a Nationally recognized 501 c 3. The winning bid is tax deductible.