Are We There Yet?

As I sat discussing the sad state of affairs lately with a friend of mine, he sarcastically lamented, “Sometimes the threat of civil war floats into my head like a balloon at a carnival and I think ‘Let the games begin.'” Now, before you get all up in arms and start organizing sit-ins at your local Starbucks, calm down. His thought was loaded with sarcasm, but telling none the less.

When you actually sit back and impartially look at how deranged the anti-Trump, anti-law enforcement, anti-capitalism, anti-pretty much anything generation has gotten, you should be asking yourself what the end game is. What’s going to happen when the reasonable adults in society have really had enough and these senseless nit wits stop getting accommodated? Is it too far fetched to think that the temper tantrums could turn violent? If you’ve been paying attention, they already have. Doubt me? Wear a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat around for a day and report back to me. Are we willing to accept that, should Trump win again in 2020 (which seems more and more likely every day that his potential opponents embarrass themselves on epic levels), there could be a cataclysmic outbreak of mental melt downs that cold make the current situation seem like a dream?

As a police officer, the act that is being played now on the national stage is nothing new. We have dealt with it since forever virtually every time we run into someone who is wrong, knows they’re wrong and responds aggressively in an attempt to wear us down. The goal is simple: they feel like that, if the make a scene loud enough and long enough, perhaps they can scare us away from taking the action that we know needs to be done. Maybe if they accuse us, no matter how baseless, of some horrific act, our self-preservation will outweigh our oath. It is very literally the exact same thing you saw with Trump, with Kavanaugh and virtually everyone/everything else that they simply want their way with. Just scream really, really loud and baselessly accuse them of the most horrific things we can think of and maybe they’ll just go away. Ladies and Gentleman, there are people roaming this earth that genuinely believe that there is ANY similarity between Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler. Hitler was a genocidal maniac who attempted to wipe out the entire Jewish population, responsible for the killing of countless Jews. I mean, REALLY? But if you say it loud enough, it sounds more true, no?

In the latest installment of the absurd and bizarre, a contingent of the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus members serving in the Connecticut State Capitol building, filed a formal complaint in regards to a hand-made wooden Blue Line American flag which hung in the building in honor of the Officer Down Memorial Tunnel. Their goal? To force, er, bully their Executive Director into removing it.

Without warning or explanation, the Executive Director caved; no doubt, just like the aforementioned hypothetical police officer faced with an irrational suspect making a scene, he was more concerned with his own self-preservation than he was with doing what was right.

If you are someone who finds yourself believing that anything Blue Line represents bias, racism or hate; or if you find yourself pandering to anyone who does, you are part of the problem. Police officers and governmental officials are being bullied. Police officers, especially, are repeatedly put in positions where they are unable to tell an idiot that he is idiot (something that realistically needs to be done now and again) because they will be sold out and abandoned by power-seeking politicians, both in and out of uniform.

The members of Law Enforcement Today have been doing their part to be that voice of reason, taking the fight right at the Connecticut legislators and NBC Connecticut, who referred to the flag as “controversial artwork”.

Brothers Before Other Board Member and retired NYPD Police Officer Rob O’Donnell also went on the offensive today, appearing on NRATV’s Cam and Company, voicing our stance.

So, where does this end? When are we going to have the guts to say that enough is enough and take control? With how absurd things are getting and how far the spoiled irrational bullies are pushing the envelope, this ride can’t last much longer. For God’s sake, are we there yet?




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