BBO Founder and Family Walk For A Cure

Taking a page out of the old man’s playbook, on 6/2/18, Michael Burke’s step-daughter, Sydney, helped team “Run for Us, Run” raise $1800.00 for this year’s ‘Relay for Life’, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. In fact, within hours of beginning her fundraising, Sydney was able to raise $970, more than half of the team’s total.

(Left-Right: Sydney, Amelia, Taylor, Sarah and Sarah.

Not Pictured: Dayna and Jamie)

As is the case for many of the participants, walking in this event is a personal matter for Michael. Surrounded by his family and team members, including his wife, Julie, Michael participates in this yearly event in honor of his mother, Barbara Burke, and his Aunt, Judith Breen.

This years event, hosted at the Pleasant Valley High School in Monroe County, PA, is a 24 hour relay event that began earlier this morning and will continue until early 6/3/18.


While Brothers Before Others has been established and operates with goal of helping police officers and their families, Michael has constantly sought out ways for his members and family to support other charities, non-profits and community initiatives. It has been said time and time again: no one cares for their communities like the American police officer.


For more information on the Relay for Life:

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