Brothers Before Others Board Member Rob O’Donnell Sets The Record Straight

While someone voicing an irrational opinion, especially when it comes to bashing the American police officer, is nothing new or shocking, when it’s done by a respected and educated adult, it tends to get attention. When that irrational opinion is then endorsed by a nationally recognized and respected healthcare network, it takes on a whole new meaning.

So goes the story of Robert Wood Johnson/Barnabas Health Executive Vice President Michellene Davis, who feels that the American police officer is predisposed to “shoot black children first”, and actually requires training to not do so.

Ms Davis, who was recently placed on paid leave from million dollar a year job serving the non-profit and then quickly reinstated, actually received a vote of confidence and support from her employer.

Recently, Brothers Before Others Board Member and retired NYPD Police Officer Rob O’Donnell went on Newsmax TV and spoke about this developing story:


BBO Founder/President Michael Burke also expressed his displeasure, “We are no longer concerned about the opinions of Ms Davis. Her bias is clearly so deep-rooted that attempting to change her mind would be a waste of time. She is already to a point where she is willing to make wildly false claims with no facts to support them and then initially lie in an attempt to cover them up. What rational conversation is there possibly to be had with someone who is on that level? However, when the irrational statements are made, it is the responsibility of society’s adults to drown out that noise and treat them as what they are: nonsense. What RWJ/BH did by, not only quickly reinstating Ms Davis, but also by supporting her and her assertions, gives Ms Davis the validation that she and her claims do not deserve. That is what concerns us now and what we would welcome an opportunity to discuss.”

As a nationally recognized law enforcement 501C(3) charity that is made up of over 5,000 active/retired police officers, Brothers Before Others cannot sit idly by while statements like the ones made by Ms Davis are being hurled; statements that directly effect the safety of the American police officer; statements that empower the criminal mindset; statements that there is not one single local or national statistic to support. If now is not the time to be the voice of reason, then what exactly is it that we are waiting for?

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