Brothers Before Others Honors NYPD Detective Brian Simonsen

While the National Flower Fund has been the cornerstone of BBO’s work, another aspect of what the group does involves visits to Departments/Precincts/Commands following the loss of one of their own.

Like everything else that BBO does, the visits are very personal. BBO’s Founder/President Michael Burke has always stressed that we are a “Face to Face” charity. Since 2014, in conjunction with sending floral arrangements to line of duty death services, BBO members have traveled to cities all over the United States in order to hand deliver personalized items that are all 100% donated to the family and coworkers of the lost hero.

Dallas Memorial FlexFit HatDallas Memorial FlexFit Hat back

While BBO makes every attempt to visit as many departments as feasible, geography and finances have always been our two biggest hurdles. Again, these items are not the kind of things that we have ever been comfortable simply dropping in the mail. Our families deserve better than that. Many of these visits have even involved the hand delivering of the portraits created by Philadelphia Police Officer/Forensic Sketch Artist/BBO Partner Jonny Castro.


In response to the loss of NYPD Detective Brian Simonsen, BBO will be organizing one such visit for the purpose of hand delivering and 100% donating personalized items for Detective Simonsen’s family, friends and coworkers at the 102 PCT/PDU.

In order to fundraise for this visit, we will be offering a limited pre-order memorial tee-shirt and hoodie. The shirt/hoodie features a City of New York patch on the front with a memorial band in the middle with the words, ” In Memory of Detective Brian Simonsen 102 Pct. P.D.U.”. The back of the shirt features a unique design that, the making of which, truly embodies what BBO is all about.

The design concept for the back of the shirt and hoodie came from Jersey City Fireman Michael Somma. Without being asked or even prompted, in response to Detective Simonsen’s passing, Michael was moved to design a memorial logo. Michael then offered that design to BBO for use on both our shirts, as well as the coins that will be made, numbered and donated.

BBO is the sum of it’s parts. The things that can get done when good people all move in one direction is limitless. We especially wanted to thank BBO Sponsors Korino’s Inc/Harold Heerwig, Copper Gear and 911 Specialties for, quite simply, never saying “No”. Their fingerprints are literally on everything we, as a group, are able to do.

Please consider purchasing a shirt in support of this visit. Anyone who has witnessed what we do and the manner in which we do it can testify to the fact that your help will go to worthy cause.

Thank you in advance and please keep the family of Detective Simonsen, the NYPD family and all those involved in your prayers.

*****If you are a member of the 102 PCT, PDU, or the Simonsen family: DO NOT ORDER. BBO will have items specifically for you all and those will be donated. Again, DO NOT ORDER HERE*****

To Order Shirt:

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***For departmental or union bulk orders, please contact Michael Burke directly***

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