Window Shield and Card Bundle


Member ONLY window shield bundle. Show your membership and support of your fellow brothers and sisters by proudly displaying this quality plaque in your windshield, with accompanying gold membership card and window sticker.

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Window Shield: Full color window shield. Using a special UV Ink, printed directly on acrylic in a patch design, featuring our trademarked BBO design. Excellent visibility.

Shield Holder: This is not an ordinary shield holder. This unique design eliminates the rattle and vibration found in many other shield holders. The acrylic is almost 1/4 inch thick, making it just about indestructible. A one inch strip of industrial Velcro is also on the holder, which helps secure the shield and reduces vibration noise.

Gold QR Card: Gold Metal Family Member Courtesy Card. This is a full color card which is thermally applied (not painted) and has an additional clear coating over the entire card. It features our trademarked BBO design. Card is shipped in a protective plastic carrying case to prevent damage. We can program the QR code to send you an email or text. You can have instant communication with tracking down the officer. This also keeps conversation private and between officers, no calls to dispatch necessary. This eliminates any questions as to the validity of the card almost instantly. This is also a great asset in an emergency and if driver is incapacitated. Great for keeping tabs on your new drivers too!

This bundle includes one window shield and holder, one gold qr card, with wallet and one car sticker.

The shield measures 4″ wide by 6″ high, brandishing a trademarked Brothers Before Others design, numbered and assigned.

The shield holder is plastic with standard suction cups to attach to the inside of the windshield.

*You must include your PROPER name, as you want it to appear on card.

Please include in NOTES the name of the family member that will receive this card & your phone number if you want the cards scan enabled.*

We are NOT responsible for your typos.
Names WILL appear as YOU type them.

Please allow 3 – 5 weeks for delivery as these are custom items.

You must be a member of BBO in order to order this item.  Your membership will be verified prior to shipment.

Additional products:

*$30 per additional family window plaque limit 2

*$20 per additional family card limit 2

Must email for an additional invoice after placing this order. You cannot purchase additional / separate items without first purchasing the bundle.