The Consequence of No Consequences

There were a lot less people willing to fight cops when the cops could fight back. There’s a saying that’s been used here many times: “Stop hiding behind my shield”, a spin off of the often implication made from criminal element hecklers that a police officer is ‘nothing without that badge’. See, while it makes for good sound bites and instagram likes, the latter notion carries far less truth than the prior. The reality is […]

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s.o.l.e. six foundation

Charity Highlight: S.O.L.E. Six Foundation

The non-profit life is not a competition. No matter how many 501C(3) charities there are in existence, the reality is that there will never be shortage of those in need. We need to do our very best to support each other in order to ensure that we maximize the amount of people impacted. As such, when BBO founder Michael Burke sees another charity out there doing good work, the group will do it’s best to […]

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Walk To Remember

Walk to Remember

Please join us for our Walk To Remember. Will you walk with us? The Walk to Remember is a memorial walk that celebrates the lives of all fallen officers. Please visit to register. See you there!

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