Flower Fund

Flower Fund 3

One of the mission’s behind the Brothers Before Others charity is to ensure no one feels alone in our big Blue family.  As part of that mission, when you make a donation to Brothers Before Others, some of the money goes to our flower fund.  The flower fund is dedicated to sending flowers to Line of Duty Deaths (LODD’s) across the nation.

Here are just some of the arrangements made possible by such a fund.

Flower Fund Flower Fund 4 Flower Fund 2

Since our inception in 2014, we have sent arrangements for over 227 LODD’s.  This is not a simple task and requires extensive planning, communications and money.  We at Brothers Before Others, appreciate your generous donations and hope that you will continue to support our cause when possible. To make a donation, please click on here:

Checks are also graciously accepted at:

Brothers Before Others
PO Box 236
Brodheadville, PA 18322