BBO Board

Michael J. Burke

President/ Founder
Retired (line of duty injury) – 15 years service


John S. Pfeiffer

Vice President / Interim Treasurer
22+ years service


Will Spencer

Director of Operations
Retired – 21 years service


Bassima Hajismaiel

Recording Secretary / Event Coordinator
16 years service


Brenda Gonzalez

Social Media / Website Coordinator
23+ years service


Edward Conlon Jr.

National Flower Fund Coordinator
23+ years service


Daniel Emery

Membership Coordinator
Retired  – 22+ years service


Joshua Oliveri

Social Media / Presidential Aid
11 years service


Rob O’Donnell
Director of Business and Media Relations
Retired (line of duty injury) – 14 years service


BBO Trustees


Don Huneke
Greg Rock
Wes Young Jr.
Jose Rodriguez
Matt Gajewski
Lenny Caputo
Ed Shaughnessy
Ken Fortier