‘Behind the Uniforms’ – Philadelphia Police Officer/BBO Partner Jesse Hartnett

When Kyle Reyes and the ‘Whiskey Patriots’ started their interview series known as ‘Behind the Uniforms’, their goal was to highlight untold stories from law enforcement officers, first responders and members of the United States military.

Kyle invites these individuals out to what is the most glorious whiskey wall you have ever encountered, pours them a glass and lets them recount their story. Besides the obvious benefit of exposing the world to true tales of heroism, Kyle is providing these heroes, many who have survived critical incidents, a form of therapy.

When BBO was invited to ‘the wall’…did I mention it’s glorious?…there was a short list of our members that we knew Kyle had to meet at some point; and while we weren’t able to bring them all in one trip, Philadelphia Police Officer and BBO Partner Jesse Hartnett tells a story that, no matter how many times you hear him tell it, will make your hairs stand up and humble you where you sit.

Our members all know who Jesse is and what he has overcome in the years following his shooting. For the benefit of those who love listening to warriors tales, this is a worthwhile half hour of your life. BBO Founder/President Michael Burke and the members of Brothers Before Others are blessed to be able to call Jesse a friend and, more importantly, a brother. This man has nothing left to prove when it comes to the heart that beats in his chest.



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