Chief Grayson Reporting for Duty

Few things bring more satisfaction to Brothers Before Others Founder/President Michael Burke and his members than being able to make a difference in the life of a child. So, needless to say, from the minute he was made aware of Grayson Schmalz and his circumstances, the wheels (literally) started turning.

Having recently been diagnosed with cancer, an appeal went out on Facebook through Grayson’s godmother, asking for police patches to help Grayson decorate his bedroom walls. Not only did our members respond with patches, but Michael had something else in mind.

Joining forces with BBO member and owner of 911 Specialties located in Nutley, NJ, John Mancini, Michael went to work creating a one-of-a-kind police/BBO ‘Power Wheels’ vehicle fit for a Chief.

Once assembled, Michael complied numerous other law enforcement related gift to accompany the vehicle. We’re still not sure what the three foot tall version of a sock monkey had to do with law enforcement but, hey, it had a Santa hat on, so it took the ride!

On Christmas Eve, Michael loaded up the van and met with Chief Grayson and his family in order to hand deliver the gifts. There are no words to properly express the gratitude we have for the Scmulz family allowing us this opportunity and inviting us into their lives.

For anyone interested in making patch/police related gift donations, please mail to Michal Burke direct:

Grayson Schmalz

C/O Brothers Before Others

PO BOX 236

Brodheadsville, PA 18322



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