Disorder in the Court

For anyone that’s ever seen the inside of a courtroom or, more importantly, been involved in a trial, inevitably you’ve seen an attorney go after the credibility of a witness. Often times, the attorney will call into question the witness’s qualifications and the quality of their character. This is done solely to diminish the effectiveness of the witness’s testimony in the eyes of the judge and jury; discredit them, if you will.

This has been a hot topic over recent years with the surge of social media accounts and the sometimes reckless things that law enforcement officers post on line. Don’t get me wrong, the American police officer has 100% been robbed of their freedom of speech. Police officers have been fired over some of the most nonsensical things, often times as a direct result of their administration pandering and fearing political backlash. That said, cops can post some pretty dumb stuff on social media. Since time immemorial, law enforcement has been notorious for having a warped sense of humor. Considering what the American police officer has to see and deal with every day, being able to laugh at things that would otherwise offend the senses of a sheltered civilian is sometimes the ONLY way to get through some dark days.

I won’t even get started on the ridiculous Tik Tok videos or lip sync challenges. That topic is a novel unto itself.

Nonetheless, a police officer’s social media profile is often times used against them; yes, even in a court of law. So imagine how flagrantly ignorant you would have to be in order to be an ATTORNEY, promoting yourself as someone fighting against police brutality, and THIS is your headline:

The Law Office of C.N. Norris, based out of Chicago, IL, headed by attorney Cierra Norris, touts itself as being “dedicated to social justice”. Before we even touch on the obvious disbarment violations that Ms Norris managed to wrap nicely into one catastrophic post; For example, had Ms Norris ever been retained as a result of the, “If you can not afford an attorney, one will be provided for you without cost” means, by virtue of the FOIA , she cannot delete statements from her legal practice page. Anyone who was privy to the social media Titanic that was her weird flex last night, I think you would agree we may have an issue here. Remember, she touts the fact that her roots trace back to the Chicago Public Defender’s Office. Keeping with the Titanic theme, that would be the proverbial tip of the iceberg. I digress. A simple perusing of their/her social media page will offend the grammar senses of even the most poorly educated.

There is pride in being a professional, especially an attorney. Attorneys are supposed to be word wizards, often times speaking so eloquently that they even have the judge grabbing for a dictionary. This woman proudly speaks and posts using lingo and vernacular that is clearly meant to endear her to her potential clients. It’s openly disrespectful to her peers, her profession, and the presumed intelligence of those she hopes will make her rich.

Without a doubt, in nearly every circle she “runs” in, she has to have a reputation; and not the one she seems to think she has. Judges must see her coming and quickly pop a Xanax and put on their 3D glasses in order to even stand a chance at making sense of what they are about to hear. There is clearly no mistaking her playbook and undoubtedly she uses the same move over and over: race-baiting.

Professionals of all walks of life, especially elected officials, appointed judges, and civil servants, have found themselves at the mercy of ‘cancel culture’. Every word, spoken or written, is over analyzed for even a hint of some form of bias. This has resulted in a timid response to what would, at any other point in time, be smacked down as borderline stupidity.

That said, I find it interesting that Ms Norris cites her “hunger” for fact finding, which she clearly feels separates her from her peers. Again, how respectful.

To that end, allow me to feed her face.

64 police officers have died in the line of duty in the first 61 days of 2021. 36 of the 64 have been as a result of exposure to the Wuhan Virus; an ever present reminder of the dangers that the American police officer “signs up for”. That leaves us with 28. Of the 28 remaining line of duty deaths, 11 have been from gunfire. Considering that she hails from Chiraq, er, Chicago, maybe she needed some numbers that hit closer to home.

Since January 1, 2021, in the gun controlled city of Chicago, Illinois, 89 people have been shot and killed, 350 have been shot and wounded and 94 of these shootings have been classified as homicides. 94 homicides in 64 days. I’ll give you a minute.

I would love the opportunity to ask Ms Norris what, if any, of that self-inflicted violence has to do with police brutality. More importantly, as someone who is “dedicated to social justice”, I would love even more the opportunity to ask Ms Norris what she is doing to address this self-inflicted injustice in her own city.

The questions are rhetorical because we know people like Cierra Norris are a dime a dozen. She has no answers for real questions like that and her modus operandi is to peddle hate and division in order to line her own pockets. Her style is neither new nor ground breaking. The work she is doing, much like the “work” being done by those who have come before her, will do nothing to foster harmony; and why would they want that? Anger and hate will make them wealthy and they know it. If you thought this had anything to do with police brutality or “injustice”, consider that THIS is what Cierra openly brags about:

“They had him dead to right…”

Read that again.

We are seeing a flood of criminal justice reform bills being introduced all over the country. If you really want to be entertained, not ironically, gloss over the State if Illinois’ bill that was recently signed into law; a bill that was presented at 3Am with a 700 page amendment and then passed a mere 2 hours later. Apparently, unlike Cierra, someone must have mastered the English language in Illinois for them to be able to read and process 700 pages of previously unseen documents in less than 2 hours.

The problem here is that, when the average civilian hears “criminal justice reform”, they immediately think law enforcement; forgetting the fact that law enforcement is only one part and, from some points of view, one of the smallest parts.  A police officer doesn’t convict someone. A police officer doesn’t send someone to prison for an exorbitant amount of time for a low level crime. A police officer doesn’t allow arrested violent criminals to go free with no bail. The system needs an overhaul. I think almost any police officer that has seen the inside of a courtroom would agree. However, it’s not the ones wearing a shield that are the most corruptible and compromised. We could spend hours on how many court cases in the United States are settled via plea agreement because the defendant simply doesn’t have the means to fight the charges or, more importantly, is concerned about what fighting the charges could mean. Who HASN’T heard, “If you plead not guilty, we’re going to ask for the maximum..”? Similarly, of the cases that DO go to a jury trial, especially the high profile ones, how many of those are flat out bungled? Simply ask the surviving families of OJ and Casey Anthony what they think of our elite court system.

The conclusion is this: Cierra Norris is trash. She has no respect for her profession nor her clients. If she did, she would ACT professionally and treat her clients as though they were literate adults worthy of being treated so. People like her feed off of hate and will do anything within their power to convince you that it is real and that police officers are the sole source of that evil.

We, Americans of all races, sexes and religions know better. It is our duty to no longer be silent. Is America perfect? No. As Congressman Clay Higgins states, she has never made such a claim. However, if this country is what garbage like Cierra Norris would want you to believe it is, explain to me why there hasn’t been a mass exodus out of this country and, as we speak, there are people risking death to get here. Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

The American police officer is the front line soldier as it relates to the defense of the very freedoms that allow Cierra Norris to post trash like this on her social media:

With that, the Defense rests.



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