Happy New Year from Brothers Before Others’ President, Michael Burke

As Brothers Before Others moves into our 5th New Year, I have chosen five words for all of you; all of which come with questions and challenges for us all. I ask that you choose some words to help yourself as well. They should sum up what you want to achieve, experience and ultimately BE in the year that lies ahead.
If you want this year to be better than the last, than to start thinking about what you want to change is a logical place to start. Will this year be a year of change for you and, if so, what is it that you want to change?
It is a simple fact that love is what makes this life great. Love is what motivates us to do the things for others and is the source of the satisfaction that we feel when we do. This can be love for your family, your spouse, your partner, your colleagues and your friends. Most of all, don’t forget to love YOURSELF. Do you really love the way you should? If not, what is holding you back?
Abundance is a bit of an old-fashioned word, but it also is a great word because it captures the essence of so many things. Whatever it is that you want more of in your life, abundance can capture it. Why not seek to attain more of something good? Abundance does not always have to equal gluttony. Find the balance.
To me, the word growth represents learning, developing or getting better at something. It could be the way I want to act. It might be a specific characteristic. Maybe I need to work on being more attentive; or maybe it’s a business I want to grow. I want to grow. What can you do to grow?
Thank You
Appreciation, gratitude and the simple act of saying ‘Thank You’. They’re words which keep us humble and grounded in the now and acutely aware of all the amazingly wonderful people in our lives.
So why wait???
Thank you to all who visit this site, follow this journey and support the law enforcement community. Thank you to our members, who have become a second family to me; members who have shown me some of the best traits that humans have to offer and have demanded that I be better myself; members who have given when they didn’t have to give, often times on blind faith and genuine love for someone they never met. In the end, what more could you really want from one another?
I wish all of Brothers Before Others and the ones we stand shoulder to shoulder with a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!
~Michael J Burke
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