“In an Ocean Full of Fish…Be a Mermaid.”

On July 23rd, 2018, while simply taking a morning walk, 5 year old Delaney Gaddis and her grandmother, Deborah Limmer, were struck and killed by a 22 year old intoxicated driver. Delaney’s father, Brian, is a Baltimore County Police Officer and a Brothers Before Others member.

Late last year, Brothers Before Others Founder and President Michael Burke, along with members of BBO, FOP Lodge 4 and the Baltimore County Police Department presented Brian and his wife, Jennifer, with a portrait of Delaney done by Philadelphia Police Officer/Forensic Sketch Artist/BBO Partner Jonny Castro.

At that gathering, Michael also discussed his intention to have a memorial created in honor of both Delaney and Deborah. With the blessing of both Brian and Jennifer, and after months of work and coordination, largely facilitated by Baltimore County Corporal/Police Emerald Society of Baltimore President/BBO member Eric Brennan, that memorial has come to fruition and is set to be dedicated on August 24th, 2019.

With the County’s approval, the memorial will be placed at Spring Lake Park in Lutherville Timonium, Maryland. The location was chosen by Delaney’s parents because of both its’ significance to their family and the relative location to the crash site. The memorial will consist of a county park bench accompanied by a bronze plaque affixed to granite. The plaque will include Delaney and Deborah’s names, chosen photos carved into it, as well as quote requested by Brian and Jennifer:

“In an ocean full of fish…Be a mermaid”

While all the materials have been secured and construction is set to take place any day now, to date, no one other than those planning this event have seen the plaque itself; not even Brian and Jen.

The memorial dedication, scheduled to start at 10AM, is open to the public and free to attend. Jennifer has asked that those who plan to attend simply paint a small rock that can be placed by the memorial in honor of both her daughter and mother. The dedication will conclude with a short walk to the crash site, lead by special guest pipers from the Bergen County (NJ) Pipes and Drums, where flowers will be placed.

Following the memorial, the Gaddis family and invited attendees will be hosted by Mission BBQ for an after lunch. Started in 2011, Mission BBQ has, hands down, been one of the most pro civil servant/military eateries in this country. From their website:

MISSION BBQ opened its doors for business on September 11, 2011.

Ten years after our world changed forever, in some small way we wanted to change it back.

As the founders of MISSION BBQ, we strive every day to remind everyone what makes Our Country great—its heroes.

Who are we? Two friends passionate about BBQ, patriotic for Our Country, and who believe in running a business with meaning and purpose.

We believe there is nothing more American than BBQ. And nobody more American than the brave men and women who have sworn to protect and serve Our Communities and Our Country. We do what we do for the love of our soldiers, firefighters, police officers, first responders—all our loved ones in service.

We set across this great land from Texas to Kansas City, the Carolinas to St. Louis…to discover the secrets of great BBQ.

Every day we strive to serve you authentic BBQ made from the freshest, most delectable ingredients, and serve it to you in a patriotic dining room filled with tributes to those who’ve made Our Country great, given to us by the people who earned them. Stop by at lunchtime, and you might catch us during our daily salute to the Stars and Stripes.

We don’t do any of this because we have to. It’s because we want to.

At MISSION BBQ, we are Proudly Serving Those Who Serve. Come help us complete Our Mission.

In the summer of 2018, Mission BBQ actually featured the work being done by Jonny Castro in their “Stories of Service” series. Based on their flagrant support for those that serve the community coupled with their appreciation for the work Jonny has been doing, it’s only fitting that the Mission BBQ located in Perry Hall, MD, proudly displays the portrait done by Jonny of Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Sorrells Caprio who was killed in the line of duty on May 21st, 2018.

In addition to Amy’s portrait, in recognition of their unwavering support for law enforcement and on behalf of the Sorrells/Caprio families, Corporal Brennan will be presenting Mission BBQ with a custom wooden flag gifted by the Baltimore County Fire Department Station 55-B Shift. 55-B was the first engine to respond to the scene the day Amy was killed and, in Eric’s words, “Gave everything they had in order to save her life”. The flag will be hung along side Amy’s portrait at the Perry Hall, MD, location.

At the after gathering lunch, BBO will be making another special presentation. In August of 2013, 36 year old former Marine/Baltimore County SWAT Police Officer Jason Schneider was killed in the line of duty attempting to apprehend a suspect wanted in connection with a shooting that had occurred a week prior. Jonny Castro has completed a portrait of Jason that will be presented to his family. Mission BBQ will also be given Jason’s portrait which they have already stated will be hung next to Amy’s in Perry Hall.

Burying a child is one of the most unnatural things a parent can be asked to do. Along with our members, sponsors and those who have contributed to all that will go into this event, Brothers Before Others is in awe of the strength being shown by the Gaddis family and we are all humbled that they would allow us to honor their loved ones in this way. If you are in the area, please consider attending this dedication and lift this family up. The Gaddis family didn’t just lose loved ones; the community lost two angels. Let’s gather and collectively remember.


*Thank You to Our Sponsor*



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