July – Brothers Before Others ‘Military Month’

If you are looking to read the transcript from President Biden’s heartfelt tribute to the soldiers who bravely stormed the beaches of Normandy on Tuesday, June 6th, 1944 aka ‘D-Day’, for the second consecutive year, your search would come up empty. The Commander in Chief, once again, failed to recognize the largest seaborn military invasion in history that claimed thousands of Allied lives, short of a one line token acknowledgement at nearly 2100hrs EST – already June 7th in Normandy.

Putting politics aside for a moment, regardless of which side of the aisle you find yourself on, I think we can all agree that a common denominator expected to be intrinsic with any of our elected officials but ESPECIALLY our President most of all is an abundance of pride in America. More importantly, our President should be looking for any and every opportunity to praise the men and women who risked their lives/laid down their lives for our freedoms; and for those that continue to do so today. One would think that the anniversary of the renowned ‘D-Day’ would be a lay up, right? I mean, even the least educated historian knows enough to know better.

But this is 2022; and the days of President Reagan arrogantly boasting about America and routinely getting choked up simply talking about how amazing this country is are long gone. Instead, we are being lead down a road of hat-in-hand shame, guilt and hatred for the very foundation our house rests on.

In response to this gross negligence, American patriots such as Scott LoBaido took to their social media pages to share their displeasure, embarrassment and disgust. Under one such post, someone made a very good point. There are full months dedicated to honoring people’s ethnicity and sexual orientation; which is great and we have no issue with that. What we DO have an issue with is how we honor and celebrate our freedoms months at a clip, yet there are mere days scattered around the calendar in honor of those who have served and often paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to obtain and preserve those very freedoms; and of those days, many are lost in grilling and drinking or, worse yet, lost altogether by leader of the free world…the italics were not an accident.

As such, our charity’s founder and President, retired NYPD Police Officer Michael Burke, has officially declared July:

‘Brothers Before Others Military Month’

Throughout the apropos month of July, each day on our public Facebook page, Brothers Before Others will be posting something honoring a specific soldier, a specific battle, some piece of military history, ANYTHING that honors our service men and women. If there is someone that you would like to see honored, please email our 2nd Vice President at: joshua@brothersbeforeothers.org. If there is a specific day in July that you would like that person/event recognized, please specify same and be sure to include any applicable photos you would like used.

We can no longer wait for someone else to do right for the sake of doing right. As grown adults, law abiding citizens and American patriots, we ALL know what the right thing to do is. So, why wait? Why expect someone else to do it? It starts with each of us. And it starts now.


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