Marta Petrocelli Thanks Brothers Before Others

While Brothers Before Others primary mission is to care for police officers and their families, we have often been presented with opportunities to make an impact outside of the law enforcement community.

Recently, BBO Founder/President was contacted by his long time friend, Marta Petrocelli, who was looking for some guidance in regards to her son, Aedan. At the age of 8, her son expressed an interest in becoming a police officer and what better person to go to than a retired police officer and head of police charity for some assistance?

As is often then case, Michael took the opportunity to go above and beyond, filling in his members in on Marta’s inquiry. Neither Michael nor Marta could have predicted what came next.

In response to Michael’s sharing of Marta’s request, the members of BBO began sending Aedan patches from all over the world, as well as other police related items. Michael said, “My third grade friend posted that her son loves law enforcement and wanted to be a cop. So I made a simple post and hundreds of BBO’s members responded by sending her son police related packages. Because I tortured her in the third grade, like any boy who likes a girl at that age does, I sent her son REAL handcuffs, a nightstick and a whistle; because what could go wrong?”

Below, Marta and her Aedan thank Michael and the members of Brothers Before Others:


While Marta’s intention was to thank BBO, Michael and the members of BBO wanted to take this opportunity to thank her for all of her work as an advocate for Autism awareness. She has worked tirelessly on fundraisers and charitable events geared towards that goal. With so much work to be done, people like her are invaluable in that fight.

For More Information on Autism and Related Assistance/Programs:

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