Nine Line Offers Exclusive ‘Portraits of Valor’ Shirt/Sweatshirt

Nine Line Apparel, known for their ferocious patriotism and love of all things military and law enforcement, has generously offered a limited run of ‘Portrait of Valor’ tee-shirts and sweatshirts, designed by BBO member/partner, Jonny Castro.

Jonny, a Philadelphia Police Officer and forensic sketch artist, has been doing line of duty death portraits since the one year anniversary of the assassination of Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III.

To date, Jonny has completed hundreds of these portraits, done on his own time and at his own expense. While attending the 2018 FOP Tent City in Washington DC, Nine Line Apparel head of Business Development, Matt Lyda, visited with Jonny and was able to see just what he does and how it effects the families of those he is honoring through his work.

As a result, Nine Line allowed Jonny to design a shirt that they will sell, for a limited time only, on their site with the goal of donating a portion of all the proceeds to his efforts.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to help Jonny continue to help bring peace and closure to these families, while wearing some top of the line and one of a kind clothing.

To order:

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