Brothers Before Others Police Week Coin


The Brothers Before Others Police Week Coin. Double sided coin proudly displaying your support as a contributor to the mission of Brothers Before Others. The Limited Edition Challenge coin is individually numbered and wrapped for display.

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Brothers Before Others Police Week Coin

Colors: Blue, gray and black

This two inch double sided 3-D style Police Week coin, displays the words “Brothers Before Others Police Week 2017” circling a raised knight in front of the blue line flag, carrying a shield reading “Never Forget.”

The opposite side displays the words “The Wicked Flee When No Man Pursueth But the Righteous Are Bold As A Lion” circling a 3-D Lion’s head.

Each coin is numbered on the outer rim of the coin. *Note that you cannot choose the numbered coin you will receive.  They will be issued in numerical order as orders are received.

Limited quantities.  Limit of three coins per order.  A perfect collector’s gift.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


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