Sacrificing Everything: When Action Transcends Rhetoric

As a nationally recognized 501C(3) law enforcement charity, the members of Brothers Before Others have done their best to stay out of the political arena. Getting muddied in arguments over political issues rarely accomplishes anything, divides membership and takes away from the “mission”.

Civil Servants, as a whole, have the daunting task of being society’s parents. Regardless of how off the wall or inappropriate someone’s actions or words may be, if they pick up their phone and dial *911, they will get immediate and unbiased service. Civil servants, much like parents to their children, have a moral obligation that transcends personal feelings and emotion. We are not allowed to be insulted. We are not allowed to have our feelings hurt. We are not allowed to react to often aggressive disrespect meant solely to draw out an inappropriate reaction from us. We are expected to simply provide continuous service. Nothing is more symbolic of this action and requirement than in Dallas where, in 2016,  5 Dallas area police officers were assassinated while protecting a protest march that was almost exclusively against THEM!

While the vitriol for law enforcement is nothing new and has been a staple of the criminal mindset since time immemorial, the level to which it is accepted, if not endorsed, by society and our public officials should rattle you to your core.

There’s a saying that goes, “A society that wants war with police had better make friends with its criminals”. When, as a society, we devalue the purpose that our law enforcement serves, even attempting to criminalize it as we’ve seen recently from some of our political leaders in the case of I.C.E., we are empowering the criminal mindset. You see this directly reflected in the number of the ‘peaceful protests’ occurring seemingly daily; protests that are usually anything but peaceful, perpetrated by men and women wearing masks and committing physical violence and acts of criminal mischief, and usually based off of emotion rather than fact.

At some point, as a society, we have to accept the fact that simply having the right to do or say something, by proxy, does NOT always mean that our actions ARE right. Our actions and our words have consequences. As Americans, we are protected from persecution for our personal beliefs. However, we are not assured that our words or actions won’t be met with an equal or opposite reaction. Handling and accepting the consequences of our chosen road is called being an adult.

In the latest of what has become purposeful and well thought out disrespect to the sacrifices made by our military and law enforcement, Nike has chosen Colin Kaepernick as the face of their ‘Just Do It’ campaign. They are using the catchy slogan: “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything”. It’s ironic that Nike would chose THAT slogan, considering the staggering number of men and women who have served this country…many too young to really even understand politics….both home and abroad….who laid their life down on someone else’s behalf…simply because they “believed in something”.

Kaepernick, who over the past few years has become the NFL’s lightening rod and face of protest for his words and symbolic kneeling during our National Anthem, has left nothing to interpretation as to who his primary target is; even wearing socks mocking law enforcement. The NFL has, not only supported Kaepernick in his campaign, but has also endorsed others in similar fashion. For example, the NFL had allowed the  St. Louis Rams to march on to the field in the ‘Hands Up/Don’t Shoot” pose and allowed Beyonce to perform a half time show paying tribute to the anti-government and militant Black Panthers. At the same time, when the Dallas Cowboys wanted to wear simple stickers on their helmets symbolizing solidarity with the Dallas Police Department, they were denied that opportunity and threatened with fines as their actions would “be too political”. In 2016, when Indianapolis Colt’s punter Pat McAfee wore cleats commemorating 9/11, he did so also under threats of fine from the league.

For civil servants, however, the timing of the Nike campaign release goes a little deeper and intentionally plays to just who Kaepernick is and what he truly stands for. Since September 11, 2001, the entire month of September has taken on a whole new meaning. September has become a source of mourning, stress, anxiety, PTSD and, most of all, remembrance.

9/11, to date, still stands as the worst single loss of law enforcement life and the worst terrorist attack on US soil in this country’s history. Respectively, the PAPD, NYPD and FDNY lost 37, 23, and 343 active duty police officers and firemen that day, and even countless more since as a result of cancers and illnesses resulting from months of working down at Ground Zero.

Imagine if Nike wanted to TRULY honor what it means to ‘sacrifice everything’? Imagine the campaign they could have had, especially given the purposeful timing of their release? What if there was someone more fitting of this honor?

Below is pictured Port Authority Police Officer Christopher Amoroso.  At the age of just 29 years old and with 2 years of service, PO Amoroso was killed in the line of duty on 9/11 while rescuing and evacuating people from the burning World Trade Center buildings. This photo is widely recognized and is the last known photo of PO Amoroso. If you look closely, PO Amoroso is wearing Nike brand gloves. How amazing appropriate and fitting would it have been for Nike to honor this officer, his sacrifice and the sacrifice of all who have given their lives in the performance of duty by using THIS man for their campaign? Look at this picture and say their new slogan out loud with me, “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything”. It takes a whole new and more solemn meaning.

When reached for comment, BBO founder Michael Burke said, “In a time when so much in our country is in doubt and we are searching of real heroes, did we need to look any further than those we lost on 9/11? Some kneel in front of our flag while others run towards it and follow it into battle. Furthermore, if anyone has any doubt about our flag or what it symbolizes, join the Brothers Before Others at this year’s New York City Tunnel to Towers Run on 9/30/18, where over 100 members, including over 30 uniformed police officers from all over the country, will be running in honor of Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna, whose sacrifice was real and everlasting. We will NOT allow the month of September to be hijacked by Nike. Not now. Not ever”.

The disrespectful stance taken by the NFL, Nike and those that follow their lead, while permitted and protected as their “right”, can no longer be ignored. As such, for those who are searching for a possible alternative to their Nike products, Brothers Before Others has some suggestions:

Under Armour brand has been a huge supporter of both military and civil servants, even offering discounts to those employed as such. For more information on eligibility:

Nine Line Apparel is not only a veteran owned company, but it is also dedicated to being relentlessly patriotic and giving back to those who have served. Taken from their official website:

“It’s much more than getting dressed everyday. It’s about being proud of who you are, what you wear and how you walk through life. We are relentlessly patriotic. We hold no punches. We don’t apologize for our love of country. We are America’s next greatest generation”

Oakley Standard Issue is a division of Oakley, Inc. committed to serving the needs of Military, Government, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS professionals. Oakley’s partnership with U.S. Armed Forces originated in the 1980’s to develop new technologies that improve the safety, performance a comfort of these professionals. Our obsession with research and development continues to generate combat-ready equipment for those whose lives depend on their gear. We are honored to support this community and are inspired by their sacrifice. This passion has driven the development of our SI membership program that offers exclusive products at elite pricing for official personnel.


For more on Christopher Amoroso:


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