Brothers Before Others’ Heroes Enjoy the Outdoors

Late last year, BBO members and American heroes Jesse Hartnett and Will Jimeno took some time to reflect on their experiences while taking part in a common passion: hunting.

Sponsored by Mossy Oak, Jesse and Will appeared in an episode of ‘Hunting the Country’, a hunting show that spotlights true American heroism and grit.

In January of 2016, Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett, who is both a member and partner of BBO, was ambushed and shot at 13 times at point blank range. Not only did Jesse survive the initial shooting, but he had the fortitude and bravery to chase his assailant and return fire, striking his would-be assassin.

On September 11, 2001, Port Authority Police Officer Will Jimeno, who is also a BBO member, while responding to the worst foreign attack on American soil, became trapped under debris resulting from the World Trade Center towers collapsing. Will managed to survive being buried alive for an excess of 13 hours and, along with Port Authority Police Sergeant John McLoughlin, were among the last people to be pulled from the rubble alive.

After Jesse was shot, BBO founder Michael Burke knew that the group had to respond. He knew that Jesse needed to hear that it would “be ok”, but unless you’ve endured and survived similar situations, what does that really mean? Enter, Will. Someone like Will Jimeno telling you “It’s going to be ok” means so much more. Michael arranged a meeting for the two and the rest is history.

Below is the ‘Hunting the Country’ episode in which Jesse and Will appeared:

HTC1812SCREENER from Mossy Oak Productions on Vimeo.

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