Brothers Before Others Father/Daughter Team Raise Funds and Spirits

While all the members of Brothers Before Others, whether active or retired law enforcement officers, are volunteers as it pertains to the charity, few go as above and beyond as Wes Young, Jr and his daughter, Virginia.

Wes, who is a retired Bergen County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant, and his daughter, manned the BBO “Wheel of Brotherhood” at the 2018 FOP Tent City. The wheel, which guaranteed those who made a charitable donation to the ‘Flower Fund’ a prize, was set up just outside of the BBO tent.

Despite the drastic changes in weather from extreme heat, to pouring rain, and then back to heat, Wes and Virginia used microphones, their singing voices, their jokes and their determination to draw passers by in. They made the unbearable weather bearable with their unbreakable spirit coupled with Virginia’s ability to light up the tent with her smile.

After only two days of staffing the wheel, Wes and Virgina had raised an incredible $2000.00, which went directly into the BBO Flower Fund.

Since 2014, Brothers Before Others has sent over 600 floral arrangements to line of duty death services all over the country. This task alone has come at the cost of over $150,000.00, all made possible by charitable donations.

Members like Wes and Virginia represent the best of BBO. Our group is what it is because of members like them and the uncanny ability they have to always, without hesitation, rise to the occasion.

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