Brothers Before Others Helps Fire Victim

In March of 2018, BBO member and Port Authority Police Officer Michael Gerbasio contacted founder Michael Burke in regards to a high school student in need.

Michael’s wife, Patti, teaches at the School for Classics in Brooklyn, NY. The family of one of her senior students, who will soon be crowned valedictorian of his class at this years graduation, suffered a house fire, resulting in a total loss.

The child in question is not only an exceptional student, but he is an exceptional human being as well. While his house was burning, he had the wherewithal, at 3:00 AM, to message his teachers in order to inform them that his assignments would be late as a result of his laptop being destroyed in the fire.

When he heard about the fire and the laptop, specifically, being destroyed, Michael Burke, on behalf of the BBO members, purchased a brand new Mac Book Air Pro and Microsoft Office. BBO members then hand delivered the laptop to the student while he was in school, merely days after the house fire.

BBO member and Port Authority Police Officer Mike Shanahan (Ret), who heads the Brendan and Liam Shanahan Foundation on behalf of his two sons whom he lost to Alper’s Disease, then went above and beyond. On behalf of his foundation, Mike donated $500.00, which was also delivered to child for him and his family to use.

While BBO’s mission is to help police officer’s and their families, no one cares for their communities like the American police officer; and BBO members are shining examples of that, day in/day out.

For more information on the Brendan and Liam Shanahan Foundation, as well as the story of their lives, please visit:

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