No More Lies

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

~ Edmund Burke

The truth will always win out in the end. It’s an inevitability. There are simply too many good people walking this earth that, in the long term, evil doesn’t stand a chance.

However, when hateful, biased and baseless rhetoric is thrown at law enforcement, the passive/wait-and-see routine has been responsible for so much crime and chaos. Don’t think so? How many crimes, all the way up to the assassination of police officers, stemmed from the “Hands Up/Don’t Shoot” LIE that resulted from Ferguson, MO, and the Michael Brown case?

Understand, we are not saying that there aren’t issues that need addressing and conversations that need to be had. Even when you are speaking about law enforcement, you are speaking about humans and the human condition. There will NEVER be perfection.

What Brothers Before Others, as a law enforcement charity comprised of active/retired police officers from all over the country and the globe,  is saying is that, in order for real discussions to be had and real change to occur, the starting point MUST be facts and not emotion or opinion.

When we, as a society, allow statements like the ones made by Robert Wood Johnson/Barnabas Health Executive Vice President Ms Davis, statements that have absolutely zero merit or factual basis, to go uncontested and exposed as lies, then we retreat and give ground to hate-breeders. Worse yet, when the responsible and level headed adults of society endorse those statements and those individuals, it now gives validation to statements that are outright lies and aren’t even deserving of daylight.

Recently, BBO Board Member and retired NYPD Police Officer Rob O’Donnell appeared on NRA-TV to discuss the latest in this developing story:


Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, whether you are reading this on the east coast, west coast or Mars, the words that Ms Davis spoke impact YOUR safety, whether you are sworn or civilian. Lies similar to the ones spoken by Ms Davis empower the criminal mindset. When someone, who already has bad intentions, hears words like that, things that were once crimes, like putting hands on a police officer or WORSE, are now the acts of a ‘social justice warrior’, fighting a tyrannical governmental force oppressing the American people; and if someone gets to the point where they are mentally willing and capable to do harm to a police officer, what do you think they would be willing to do to someone who is NOT?

If this concerns you, as it should, please consider joining us outside of the Robert Wood Johnson/Barnabas Health Corporate Headquarters in West Orange, NJ on 10/18/18 at 12PM for an educational rally.

RWJ/Barnabas Health

95 Old Short Hills Rd

West Orange, NJ 07052

We are not calling for Ms Davis’ job. We don’t even want an apology from her. What we DO want is the responsible and level-headed adults of society to start standing up against those who would endorse and foster chaos; and that starts with RWJ/BH, as an organization, publicly and without doubt declaring that the statement Ms Davis made was baseless, inflammatory and made without one ounce of evidence.

Only when we start weeding out what is true and what is false/emotion based rhetoric, will we be able to make any meaningful progress.



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