“Sorry” Seems to be the Hardest Word

I’m not going to bore you with yet another Jussie Smollett ‘Liar, Liar’ story. Now seeing his completely fabricated and dramatized interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts should make your blood boil, but maybe not for the reason you think it should.

During what will probably go down as his greatest performance, considering “Empire” was already planning on writing him off their show, Jussie recalled a conversation between him and one of his friends:

“I was talking to a friend and I said, ‘I just want them to find them.’ And she said, ‘Sweetie, they’re not going to find them.’ That just made me so angry: So I’m just going to be left here with this? Like I’m just going to be left here with, like, so they get to go free and go about their life and possibly attack someone else? And I’m here left with the aftermath of this? That’s not cool to me. That’s not OK. So I understand how difficult it will be to find them, but we gotta. I still want to believe with everything that’s happened that there’s something called justice.”

I want you to consider what he was insinuating. Besides all of other assumptions he made during his interview and virtually every time a microphone has been put in front of his face in regards to this matter, what Jussie was saying was that law enforcement was nothing more than a corrupted, biased, immoral and racist extension of a government that values the same principles. In other words, “they” (law enforcement) aren’t going to find them (the attackers) because the American police officer has no interest in solving crimes where a black male/female is the victim.

Here’s where my blood starts to boil. How many times are those who claim to support the American police officer going to stand by and let yet another lie go unchecked? With all of these self-lauding celebrities and wannabe news media that gave this guy the platform he wanted to spew his race-baiting, anti-law enforcement rhetoric, not a single one has stepped forward to say, “I’m sorry. We rushed to judgement and we got it wrong”.

Instead, this lie and slap in the face to the American police officer will, no doubt, go the way of virtually every other false narrative and outright lie that has been refuted with evidence and fact: there will be no “I’m sorry”.

Instead, I’m sure Jussie will have some choreographed statement where he will say that, while his attack may not have happened as he recalled, we all should know and accept that these types of attacks happen all the time.

No. No they don’t you hateful race baiter. But do you know what DOES happen all the time? A glossing over or outright ignoring of the true statistics when it comes to police use of deadly force in the United States. So, let me take this time to remind you, yet again:

The 2018 Police Deadly Use of Force Data was updated on 1/25/2019.
2018 there were a total of 998 Police Deadly Use If Force incidents. Of these incidents 95.3% of suspects were armed:
Replica weapon-33
Unknown- 35
Of the 47 (4.7%) that were unarmed:
Note: In almost half of the cases (22) where the suspect was unarmed, non-lethal force was attempted & failed prior to the use of deadly Force.
Of the 998 total Police Deadly Use of Force, here is the breakdown by Race & Age:
Under 18- 15
18 to 29- 286
30 to 44- 379
Over 45- 253
Unknown- 65
Top States for PDUOF:
1. Ca- 115
2. Tx- 87
3. Fl- 64
4. Az- 63
5. Ga- 44
NY falls 23rd with 16
NJ falls 26th with 12
Feel free to ignore the facts yet again. But you know what else happens all the time? Police officers being assaulted; police officers being shot at; police officers being killed. How arrogant and insulting is it that, during a week where NYPD is burying their own, 5 Aurora Illinois police officers are recovering from being shot at one incident, an Auburn police officer was shot after stopping a robbery suspect, this biased man will undoubetdly be given a pass?
Listen, let’s not pretend that anti-law enforcement bias and false narratives are something new. NWA didn’t write ‘F**k the Police’ last week. But what IS new is how accommodated the bias is. When are our leaders going to stand up and demand that the record be set straight?; not by the ones perpetrating the hate. They’ve already shown who they are. Instead, when are our leaders going to call out people who walk around claiming to support law enforcement. See, you keep saying the word ‘support’, but I don’t think you really know what that word means.
Honestly, I just wish that all the blowhards demanding accountability from the American police officer at least held themselves to the same standard. Regardless of your race, sex or religion, the “stupid” have walked among us since time immemorial. It’s just that social media has now put a megaphone in front of them.
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