“…to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America…”

As I sit and write this, the clock is about to bring us into a new day…January 6th…a day that will likely be filled with nonsense drama leading to nowhere other than more division. While people of all walks of life are preparing to cheer or scream (or both), the American police officer is preparing to do the same thing that he/she has done every day since having their shield pinned on their chest: do […]

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The Grinch who SAVED Christmas

When we all think of the Grinch, we immediately go to the image of the green malcontent spending the majority of his life up on a mountain, isolated, misunderstood and determined on ruining Christmas for the rest of humanity. Yet, at the end of the story, it’s that very same Grinch who actually saves Christmas when he reconciles his own misguided frustration and puts aside differences in the interest of the spirit of the holiday […]

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BBO charity flag

PRESS RELEASE – BBO Response to RWJ/Barnabas Health

BBO IS DONE ALLOWING OUR NATION’S LAW ENFORCEMENT TO BE TARGETTED BY CORPORATE ELITIST SMEARS REGARDING POLICE USE OF FORCE. On October 2nd NorthJersey.com published an article on how the Fair Lawn, New Jersey, School District hired armed uniformed Police Officers to patrol their schools. As we are all aware, there has been a national call to better ensure the safety of our nation’s school children in response to recent events. Although school shootings are rare, […]

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